Implant-Retained Dentures


In addition to traditional denture and partial designs, we often use implants to provide a superior fit. In some situations, implants are placed after the prosthesis is made, and the denture or partial is retrofitted to the implants to allow fitting to an existing denture or partial.

Implant retention offers a couple of advantages. For partials, it allows the patient to have the durable cast metal partial, but without the metal clasps which may be visible. For both dentures and partials, they allow for prostheses to be “snapped” into place and retained without the use of denture adhesives. This allows for superior function when eating, and it gives patients confidence that the prosthesis will have superior esthetics and not move while eating or speaking.

During the consultation with Dr. Wilson, we will help you decide what type of tooth replacement is the right choice for you.