Dentures are custom-made prostheses that allow a patient without teeth or non-restorable teeth to have the improved ability to chew and speak. In our office, we often employ a technique called an immediate denture. This allows a patient that will be losing all of their teeth to have a denture made without having the embarrassment and loss of function associated with removing all teeth prior to making the denture.

Not including tooth extraction and other surgical procedures, the denture process typically takes 4-5 short dental appointments. We select, with the patient’s input, the custom shade, size and shape of the denture teeth. Patients may not have been happy with color, size, shape or straightness of their natural teeth, and we take all of these points into consideration when customizing a denture for you! Our dentures are also fabricated using premium denture teeth for a superior look, feel and durability. After the denture is delivered, the patient may have to come back for adjustments. Another typical appointment is to have the denture relined by adding material so that the denture has a more stable fit.